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Report Illegal Online Gambling

Report Illegal Online Gambling

In Singapore, it is illegal to gamble on sports books and other forms of online gambling, which has led to a large number of related offences. It is important to retain the services of a criminal defence lawyer when you are faced with gambling-related charges. They can guide you through the process and present legal arguments for an appropriate sentence. In some cases, you can report the matter online as well. However, if you choose to hire a lawyer, you should keep some things in mind.

First of all, it is vital to report any illegal online gambling in Singapore. If you are receiving unsolicited SMS messages from sites or individuals, do not respond to them. Alternatively, you can report the matter online to the PDPC. They will investigate the matter and refer it to the Police. Secondly, report any fraudulent websites that use your personal data. If you are receiving text messages with advertisements for gambling sites, you should contact the Personal Data Protection Commission Singapore (PDPC) to report them.

In Singapore, illegal gambling is an offence and is a serious offence. Several people were recently arrested for alleged gambling activities inside their residential units. Police also seized various gambling-related paraphernalia. The suspected instigators of the activities could be fined SGD50,000 or sentenced to three years in jail. In addition to that, the perpetrators of illegal online gambling can also be charged with other crimes.


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